Sunday, September 26, 2010

How old is that baby?

I love, love, LOVE making presents for people. Especially for new babies The only problem is that I usually greatly underestimate the time needed to finish the projects I select. The last "new" baby I sent a present to was already crawling.

I think I am getting better though. I am currently working on two projects. One for a little girl just over 6 months and another for a baby born just a few days ago. I would love to say that I will have these finished and in the mail in the next few days, but that is not likely going to happen. But they are moving along and I get to think about the babies and their moms while I am working on the projects. Bonus!

These are the yarns I am using for the baby girl. It is about half way done, but I don't have a more current picture yet. I will post the link to the pattern once I post the finished piece.

This is a crocheted piece using granny squares. 

This is the top of my first quilt. The second picture is the back. I have it all pinned and ready to go, but am scared to make those first quilting stitches. As with the crocheted project, I will post the link to the pattern once I post a finished picture.

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